Top 8 Small Business Marketing Ideas


Small business is the back bone of the society because it is ultimately the small business that generates sales for the big business. If you have started a small business, then you must know various ways how to market your business. Generally, success for marketing your business depends on which kind of small business you are running. It varies from business to business and depends on the product that you are selling. Small business generally have drawback of financial resources but still there are numerous way with the help of which you can grow in your business.

Generally, prices and quality of product and services matters for the success of the small business. For example: if you are running a grocery store, then the prices will be consider the most because most of the product at grocery stores are same but if the prices are low then customer will come to your store frequently.

If you are running a restaurant, then quality and taste will matter most for the customer as every restaurant provide the food but taste and quality makes you differ from the others. If you have started a branded cloth store, than the awareness about your store will matter most as people know that brand serves quality only thing is people should know about your store. Small business marketing ideas can be generated through online search as well.
small business marketing ideas

Best Ways For Marketing A Small Business

1. Create Local Awareness

The first and the foremost thing to market small business are to create awareness about your business because local people will be the customer for your business. You can start with add in the local papers, put hoarding on the various corner of the city, distribute pamphlet with the local newspapers, advertise your business on local channels and also can run autoricksaw or car to advertise your business. But you should also take care of the cost that you want to spend on these things. Advertise according to your budget. You can also meet your known person and invite them to your stores and should please them with your product and services as the word of mouth work directly in small business.

  1. Offer Discounts And Deal

Another thing to attract, customer is to offer various schemes and discounts to the customer. People are attracted toward discount and sale very easily. You can offer buy one get one free offer, give straight discount on every purchase, offer heavy discount on bulk purchase etc. People always look for such deals and discount. There is always customers in the market for every product and you customer is just away from you because of discount and offers. If you keep on continuing the offers and discount, then customer will surely visit to your stores.

3. Social Media Marketing

You should market your product and services on social media. These days technology has reached to every person you meet in the society. People are addicted of using face book, twitter, whatsupp and some other chat application software. You can advertise about your business on the face book and whatsupp. Social media has very wide and fast reach to the people. You can entertain people with some news or jokes everyday to market your business on the social media. People have done it and so can you. It is really worth putting your effort to socialize on the internet.

4. Distribute Your Business Cards And Coupons

Another thing to market your business is to giving coupons and business cards to every person visiting your store. People don’t have the habit of remembering about their last purchase but if they have your business card they are about to visit your store. Giving coupons to the people also attract to make purchase from your store. Your business card should have basic details about your business like your address, brief knowledge about your product and your contact number etc. Such things help customers to contact you.

5. Give Training To Your Employee

It is your team member who first interacts in your store. Behavior of the team member or your employee, matter most for visiting the customer again to your store. You should keep on training your employees how to behave with the customers. If your employee has an unpleasing behavior with the customer then he will certainly not going to visit your store. It is your responsibility to train your employee for different situations. It will help them to behave properly at time and your customer will frequently visit your store.

6. Generate Lead Through Email Marketing

Email is a good source for generating lead to your business. You can contact to thousands of people through email and can tell them about your business. People do check their email in their spare time. You can get list of emails of the people from a service provider and can generate business from them. Different people react differently in their own manner. You have to be patience and positive once you use email marketing for your business as it take time to generate lead for your business in email marketing.

7. Build Relationship With Your Customer

This is very important and crucial task when it comes to market small business. Building relationship with the clients is very important. Every person has a deep intuition to talk about his personal life to the others. If you can constantly update yourself with the personal life of the customer, then you can have edge over others. For this, you need to constantly behave friendly with your customer and keep on congrats and console them with your words as per his personal situation.

8. Organize Public Functions

If your pocket allow to you, then you can organize a public function for the people you know. You can give passes to your customer for the functions on any festival or big occasion. Invite your customer in the function and please him with your hospitality. It will add very positive note for you’re in the customer mind. You can collaborate many people as per your budget and entertain them. This is very effective way to enhance your business.


         Marketing to small business varies from business to business. It depends on your budget and suitability to your business. But these are best possible ways to enhance your small business as stated above.

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