Top 6 Houston Moving Companies To Be Aware Of

Houston, the 4th most populated city of the United States of America and the top most populous city in Texas and is located in the Southern part of the United States of America, Houston is home to an-estimated 2.239 Million people, According to Wikipedia. It is also home to a very hustling and bustling economic structure. Houston is also home to many prestigious institutions such as; The Texas Medical Center and NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Houston’s prospering port and railroad trade coupled with its recent oil discovery in 1901 has lead to continuous influxes in its population. Since, Houston is such a prospering metropolis. It obviously needs a large variety of Moving Companies to cater to the hundreds of thousands of people who live there.

Houston Moving Companies

So, I’ve compiled a list of the best rated moving companies in Houston, Texas.

The list is as follows:

6 Best Moving Companies in Houston, Texas

1. Firefightings

Finest Moving and Storage, Inc.- this is a moving company offering full service in Fort Worth/Dallas metroplex, Houston, anywhere in Texas or even United States. They have passed all the Federal and State requirements needed for a moving company to surpass. They have their staffs interviewed and do a background screening before hiring. They are known to be a trusted mover. Local firefighters own and operate this moving company. They have a lot of successful moving experiences for residential and business moves. Their goal is to provide client satisfaction through professional and efficient moving services. They also provide other services such as packing, crating and cleaning. They are in business since 2001 and have 13 trucks on hand.

2. Betton Moving Company

This Company had been operating since June 1985, offering professionalism in moving services with the aid of their careful and courteous movers. Betton Moving Company received a lot of good reviews from customers. The customers always accentuated the quick and easy moving experience with them. The customers gave a lot of good feedback regarding the movers who are very friendly and respectful with regards to the family who are going to move. They always address the customers as “Ma’am” or “Sir”.

3. Student Movers Inc.

This moving company is said to have professionally trained employee. According to a customer’s feedback, the movers arrived on or before the time they scheduled. The company was also able to communicate effectively with the customers; they send voice mails for the confirmation of the time they are going to move.

4. American Knights Moving and Storage

This moving company business has 12 trucks. American Knights Moving and Storage is a service based in United States which is said to be offering the highest standard for relocation services. This offers competitive rates not only for domestic house moves but also office moves may it be an international move, a national move or a local move. This company’s goal is to offer full satisfaction to customers by meeting everything you need in moving. American Knights moving and storage trained their movers with proper knowledge and experience.

5. Bay Area Movers, Inc.

This moving company are serving their customers with residential and commercial moving professionals. Also, they offer additional services such as crating, packing, storage, warehousing, organ and piano moving, interior decorator services and art work installation. Currently they have 8 trucks ready for service.

6. Compass Van Lines Corporation

This is a very professional moving company which are providing a first class moving experience. Compass Van Lines Corporation is said to have movers who are well trained in terms of skills and customer relationship. In addition, this company is licensed, insured and bonded. Also, they acquire certificates that are recognized by the state.

One of the most stressful things that we do is moving: all the packing, labeling, cleaning, transferring, rearranging and a lot more. You have to disarrange everything in your old home and rearrange it again. If you want to look for something then you have to look for it in all boxes. But you have to tell yourself that it doesn’t have to be this stressful. Most of the people prefer to search the best moving company online to help them with their moving. Unfortunately, other people will end up running into scammers. That is why I have provided some moving companies with good feedbacks above. But if you want to look for an additional service that is not offered by the aforementioned, just remember this few tips that I will provide you. In order for you to choose the right moving company and prevent yourself to spend more than what is normally spent, here are few factors that you need to consider:

  1. Experience– The first thing you need to know about a moving company is their experience. You need to discover how long they have been offering moving services. This will give you a basis if they are good and trusted.
  2. In-home Consultation– One of the problems encountered during moving is paying a higher fee than the expected amount. The most common reason behind this is because you only made your transaction through phone calls. We can’t prevent that there will be items that will be forgotten to be mentioned. To avoid this, hire a moving company that offers an in-home consultation for free.
  3. Moving Truck– an indicator if a moving company is a possible scammer is by the looks of their moving truck. If they came to your door and they have with them an unlabeled truck then you may consider choosing another moving company. It may just be mere cosmetics but moving companies with high reputation always label their trucks.
  4. References– If possible have some references. If you know someone who hired a moving company before, then don’t hesitate to give that company a call. It’s a good thing that you can ensure yourself that you are going to hire an experienced moving company. Also, there are websites online that offers a lot of information regarding moving companies you can search it on search engines.

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