How To Promote Your Business Without Breaking The Bank?  


Business is not just good service and quality products anymore. Nowadays, businesses swim or sink on promotions and advertisements. No one can avail of services they don’t know about after all. The problem is, expensive ads can cause a huge loss in revenue. It’s a sinkhole if not planned and managed wisely. But wait, promotion doesn’t have to be expensive! There are ways to advertise for free (and for almost free). To start you off, we’ve thought up eight key steps on how to promote your business inexpensively.

How To Promote Your Business

1. It’s Not Just Driving, It’s Advertising!

Turn your car into a moving advertisement with a vehicle wrap. You know, one of those stickers with the business logo, some contact information and a brief listing of services on offer. These wraps are printed digitally onto a specially-applied medium and will not do your paint job any harm. Business promotions on mobile are not just for white delivery vans anymore. If you live in a fairly busy area and commute a decent distance every weekday, a single sticker wrap can approximately generate 30 000 to 70 000 views in a day.

2. Passive Advertising

Business cards are not the only quiet ways to promote in a business environment setting. Paste your business name, stamp your logo and include your contact information and web address on all business correspondence. Any and all printed and electronic documents should at least have your company letterhead. Put your business signature in all your letters and emails. Better yet, include information on new deals, special prices and any awards won by the company.

3. Go Social

Get with the times! Social media advertising isn’t an opportunity anymore, it’s a necessity if you don’t want to be ran over. Link your Facebook and Twitter with videos on YouTube and go networking in LinkedIn.

Gather Facebook and Twitter fans with witty business statements and direct them to your YouTube account or Flickr profile. Compile your best business photos on Flickr and upload interesting video contents on YouTube that are relevant to your business. Your pictures and videos must be something that people would want to waste their two minutes to see—a simple ad won’t work anymore.

4. The Written Word

Writing a blog guest post or looking for bloggers to review your product on high profile blogs and websites is a good promotional move. There are tons of blogs on the internet with massive view counts that are hungry for free content. Write ‘em free and write ‘em well, we say.

Choose the right website or blog. Read: popular. Getting featured in a rarely visited site won’t help you any and may even negatively affect your business. Maximizing is key. Choose a site that is highly trafficked by your prospective market. Writing for a fashion website about your horticulture project probably won’t reach majority of your target clients.

In addition, the magazine industry is not dead yet. Again maximize, choose the right magazine that your would-be customers are likely to pick-up and read.

5. Cross Promotion

Cross promotion or buddy marketing is a great way to reach more potential customers. It involves buddying up with another business and agreeing to carry out both ads. Your brochure, for example, can include a leaflet about your marketing buddy. In turn, the other business will do the same for you. This gives you both the chance to dip into a whole new pool potential. This is especially effective with complementary businesses. A hotel and a car rental service, a pet store and a veterinary clinic or a clothes store and a shoe store.

Buddy marketing can cut down promoting costs considerably and allow both your businesses to use promotional techniques that would be too costly to finance alone. Who knows, you might even score some helpful tips on how to promote your business from a more experience buddy, especially if you are expanding to a business setting you are new to or unfamiliar with.

6. Freebies!

We love free stuff, you love free stuff. Who doesn’t like a freebie, eh? As a start-up, it works to advertise promises like, ‘first 100 or so people to visit the store will get to have a limited edition so and so’. Freebies will help promote your business, not only by giving potential customers the chance to sample your wares but also by promoting those ‘good thoughts and feelings’ towards your store or brand/service name. Aside from free trials, you can also establish a reward points system that grants your regular customers a freebie once they’ve reach certain goals.

7. Make Advertising A Habit

There is always a way to let people know what you do and how you could be of service to them. One of those days, they will remember and give you a call.

Promote your company through your hobbies. Every time your baseball win or jazz band gig is put on a paper, arrange the piece to mention the name of your business as well. Why, not? Jobs are vital information that people expect to know when reading about an individual. You might also get a snap of you in your company uniform with a big business name emblazoned prominently on the front. Furthermore, you can wear a t-shirt with your company logo every time you play tennis or teach you weekly art class. If your children play sports, if you belong to an adventure group or if your local high school is organizing a reunion, then why not sponsor something, stamp your logo all over it and give away brochures in the process.

8. SEO

       Any business website owner worth his salt should understand the value of Search Engine Optimization or SEO as a powerful marketing strategy—and know how to use it. Raising you SEO value will increase the visibility of your site in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Who’d want to scroll to page seven of a search result if you can find what you’re looking for in the first few hits, right? Hard work and resourcefulness will be your capital here if it’s not something you’re willing to pay a small fortune for. So increase your knowledge by heading over to your local bookstore and picking up a how-to book or devouring all the information on the internet you can lay your eyes on.


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