How Much Does It Cost To Live In California?

California is one of the States situated on the West Coast of United States of America. Considered as the third largest state in area, it finds its place in the 50 populated cities of USA. Every State has its individual style and the cost of living is entirely different. The cost of living can be calculated by the standard of living in the capital cities of the state. If the capital has a low cost of living, rest assured, even in other parts, the cost of living comes to minimum dollars. However, the factor of cost of living is very high in states such as Massachusetts and California and some areas of New York. Now let us look into the basic expenses for every person living in the US. In this article on how much does it cost to live in California you will be given information on the expenses, salaries and other factors.

How Much Does It Cost To Live In California

The Rent

The rent, for a shared apartment with a single bedroom, could be 150 dollars if you are living with four or five friends. However, the same apartment can easily cost 2000 dollars in New York.


You will have to pay 50 to 100 dollars for water, gas, phone, electricity. Some owners include these costs in the rent. Also to be included are the internet and cable TV costs that can come to 50 to 200 dollars.


An average person may need less if he buys groceries from the supermarket to cook food. If you favor junk food, the cost will be more.

One out of four households in California, struggle to meet basic amenities. The GDP is at a high, but the rent prices have skyrocketed. The rent takes a sizable portion of the income of every household. This upsurge has resulted in less home ownership in recent history as a simple home in California can come to $4, 37,000.

However, this state has offered numerous opportunities for young and energetic persons. They can get jobs as per their education and profile. If you want to relocate with your family to California, you can get good educational schools for your children.

Shall we look at the data compiled in 2014 regarding the cost of living in California?

The cost of living index comes to 127.1. The three basic utilities that a human being needs – Grocery Index stands at 113.6, Housing Index at 176.7 and Utilities Index comes to 113.6. For transportation, the index stands at 111.1, and the health index has a number of 109.7. Others come to a total of 106.2.

If you have moved to California for a new job, rest assured you will have to shell a median rent of minimum $1900. If you have moved and a family member has come to visit you, going for dinner and a movie might come with a price of more than $100. In some shops, you may have to shell more than five bucks for a single loaf of bread. If you want to have a decent and well-to-do life, you need a salary of at least $95,000 in California

Let Us Look Into Cost Of Living In Los Angeles

The cost of living is moderate for many areas when compared to only California, but if compared to the US, it can be termed as fifty percent more than the national average. As mentioned before, housing cost takes a toll on the overall income of residents. However, the cost of utilities is lower when compared to the national average. The commuting time is also less compared to other cities.

Salaries In Los Angeles, California

You know cost of living and salary go together. A city with a higher penchant of living can offer high salaries, according to the job title. As per a survey, the salary of a senior software engineer in Los Angeles come to $93,740. The figure is competitive according to business standards. Moreover, lawyers and civil engineers also get good salaries. For lawyers, the annual salaries come to more than $87,000 and civil engineers earn an annual salary of more than $82,000.

Cheapest Cities To Live In California

Agreed, California has a high cost of living, but not every nook and corner is the same. There are also places where you can retire and spend the rest of the life living out of pension money. Kindly do not opt for high luxury areas such as Orange and San Diego counties. Let us look at some of the cheapest places to live in California.


A city of medium size located in Northern California, it cannot be called as a retirement heaven. There are other luxuries of nature available such as the Mouth Shasta as well as the Sacramento River. House rent is pretty much affordable, with the price coming under $200,000. The cost of living (Redding) comes 7 percent below the California average and 26.1 percent greater when compared with the national average.


If you want to be far from the hustle and bustle of city life, opt for Eureka. Situated in Humboldt County (Northern California Coast), it boasts of mild climate and beautiful scenery. The median home price comes close to $200,000.

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