Do You Tip Movers?

The ideal tipping etiquette can be a confusing discussion. It might be unjustified if you tipped someone too little for their services. But, what if you tipped a lot? Did you just overdo things a little? But then, there are some who are unsure if they should tip someone at all. So, if you are among the latter asking Do You Tip Movers?, this article will help you reach an answer. So, even if it’s a yes, how much do you tip the mover? Read ahead to know.

Do You Tip Movers?

Movers are people responsible for all your personal belongings (some sensitive items too) that are being shipped. They gently deliver the possessions to the address you want them delivered. The poor lads do the heavy lifting of course by taking necessary precaution not to damage your stuff.  OK! After all that hard work you are certainly obligated to tip them. Agree not? No offense! But it’s a shame if you didn’t.

It’s true; they are being paid by their company for hauling all your belongings. But, you could show a little extra appreciation for all their hard work by a little act of generosity which, by the way, means tipping.

So, if you are satisfied with their services, you certainly shouldn’t hesitate to tip them.

Remember, tipping must be done out of humaneness, and not that you are being obligated to. So, don’t expect them, lads, to stand there with a raised eyebrows and coughing for something.

The tipping isn’t just limited to the movers alone. If you are satisfied with the quality of service, it won’t hurt if you tipped a waitress, pizza guy, or even the barber. After all, everybody loves a little extra appreciation, no matter what form they receive it.

Of course, there are some exceptions. If you think your belongings are shoddily delivered, you are not obligated to pay any extras.

As the saying goes, “Tipping is not expected, and it is customer’s gesture of appreciation.”

So, now that you know tipping is necessary, let’s move to the next question, how much do you tip the movers? The answer¬ – there isn’t a fixed sum. However, summing up some popular opinions, it is known that 5% is generous enough.  Suppose, the crew helps moving items for $500-$750, based on the quality of service you could pay from $25 to $40. If that seemed a lot, you could pay $10 to $20 per lad. But, remember, you need to pay only if you find their service convincing.

It is usually a crew of 4 along with a foreperson who is involved in moving the items. Here are some tipping recommendations from the moving company if the crew is working under the authority of a foreperson. According to the company, it is OK to pay a little extra to two of the four movers if they are found to be working exceptionally. The rest can receive a lesser tip. But if they are found to be working in a satisfactory manner, you can split the tip equally among all of the movers. Since the foreperson is already earning a better wage (per hour), you are not obligated to pay the foreperson.

Traditionally, the quality of hauling will be the deciding factor for the tip. You need to check the state of your belongings if necessary precautions were taken to move the items and if any belonging is broken or damaged during the shifting process. So, assess carefully before tipping.

If you are into tipping people for services, you will know it best that you could make another person happy by a humble act. If you have been a regular customer for certain services and have been tipping the lads who get your tasks done, they will often recognize you and will volunteer to help if you went seeking the services again. So, it’s not without any perks. After all, we love people who like us is it not?  So, if you are a terrible tipper, or if you do not know what tipping means, now is the time to implement necessary changes to your habit.

You could instead earn the title of being stingy if you have not been paying enough or paying anything at all.

Most important rule of tipping is to ensure parity. Do not tip one person more than the other. Split the sum prior to tipping. Make sure the money is equally split and hand over the same amount to both the mover lads.


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