Tips: How To Market Your Business?


Business, be it small or big needs its own marketing. Whether you are into service industry or product industry, your business needs a thrust by marketing it. Whatever strategies you build up to market or promote your  business, there are several factors which would decide the ways to do so, one of which is the budget. You may want to caste the lead actress or the actor who can go for marketing your business but that might not be a pocket friendly option for your organization. So, choose upon all your strategies of marketing only after concluding the budget figures.

Why Is Marketing Your Business Necessary?

  • It will create awareness about your product and services to your customer
  • It would help your business to build up its ‘Brand equity’
  • Customer would be able to connect to the product attributes and their needs
  • It will give a constant reminder that your product/service is present in the market
  • Marketing your business will keep your product/services on Top of Mind of your customer

how to market your business

How To Market Your Business?

There are many different ways which will satisfy your answer to the question, How to market your business. In today’s tech savvy era, there are even several ways where you can do a free publicity, promotion or marketing of your business.

Hit your target audience at the right place

The best way to do the marketing for your business is to capture your target audience at right place. For e.g. If your target audience is a teen age group youths, you should grab their attention by displaying your business on all the social networking sites like Face book, Twitter etc. On the contrary if your audience is a business group of people, it would not be a wise idea to market the product on social Medias but LinkedIn or at the business event meetings.

This will be beneficial to you in two ways, it will reach the right people from right platform and you will not waste your resources behind all the marketing channels which would eventually not bring you ROI (Return on Investment).

1. Create your company’s website

  • With almost all businesses functioning globally, it has become mandatory to build your company’s website which displays all the core competencies your business has.
  • It is very necessary that the company website has SEO, so that anyone searching for the keywords on Google can link up to your website page.
  • Try to make your website as attractive as possible, but also information loaded so that people can look for the information they wanted to.

2. Be sure that your business profile is Omni social

  • It is very necessary that you at least make a free account on LinkedIn, Twitter, Face book etc. so that anyone can find you anywhere.
  • This will also prove to your customers that your business is present everywhere and thus it is a trust worthy brand.
  • Do post pictures on the sites and keep the information about your business not lengthy but interesting for your customer to read.

3. Participate in conferences, seminars, events

  • It is a wise idea to participate in the various conferences, seminars, events or trade shows which are related to your business.
  • This will give you an excellent platform to display the products and services of your business and also a place to meet lot of your direct buyers.
  • You can collect the database of the dealers, distributors or buyers and keep a track of the database.

4. Use the database collected smartly

  • The database collected can be used in a smart way to send E-mails and convert them into your customers.
  • You can send an informative e-brochure of your company where in your databases will be able to study your product and/or services as well as know much more about your company.
  • Ethically, it would be mandatory to ask their permission by sending a permission mail first. To avoid people from just deleting your mail or considering it as trash, you may send a gift voucher or some freebee with the mail.

5. Give a press release

  • There are ample of low cost columns where you can give press release of your business.
  • This will grab you a lot of eye-ball from your customers who would show interest in your product/service.
  • Also, when your business press-release comes in a newspaper, people starts trusting you as a ‘Brand’ more and thus can be beneficial to your business.

6. Create a series of suspense before launch

  • If your business is in the phase of launching a product or re-launching it, you can grab people’s attention by giving series of advertisement in newspaper which creates a sense of suspense and thus people gets eager to know what the product is.
  • This will be a little costly affair, but when your business needs attention from the mass, this can be an effective method.
  • You can even use other media like radio and create such suspense building jingles on it which can be broadcasted repeatedly before the launch.

7. Blog it up

  • Having your company’s blog is a good idea to connect to your customers. You can blog about your company’s achievements, new products, discounts offered or scheme launched, some new discovery or innovation in the existing product/services etc.
  • This way your customer will be constantly get updates about your company and its associated product/services and will always keep it on top of mind.
  • Even if they no longer need your product/services, they will be forced to refer it to someone and re-use whenever they are in need of it again.
  • Keep your blogs as interesting as you can for them to read it.

8. Create a buzz

  • You can organize a fun-filled activity like some game rounds, quiz competition or a photo booth as per your business activity.
  • This will attract people towards your stall or canopy and you can thus get a platform to engage them in an activity along with buying your product or product voucher etc.
  • If not buying, people will remember your brand name and the product and will keep it on their list of purchase.

9. Utilize YouTube

  • Make an interesting video featuring your company’s competencies, areas of functioning, product range and all the other detail a buyer seeks for.
  • Upload this video on YouTube and provide your company’s website link so that people genuinely interested can come back to the website for more details.

10. Show your gratitude to existing customers

  • The best way to market your product is through word of mouth of existing customers. This is because it is human tendency to invest in other peoples experience, so ones anyone has already used your product/service, his endorsing is going to promote your business more than you marketing it yourself.
  • So, keep a personalized touch with your existing customers by sending them a small token of gratitude on their birthdays, anniversary or on a new year. If you cannot maintain the records of their birthdays or anniversary, just send them a gift or a free/discounted voucher of your company on any random day with the message of ‘Thank you for your loyalty’.

This is surely going to be a great move.

You can put into all your creativity into functioning to find out different ways on marketing your business into various different ways. Also, the marketing can be much more fun when various new experiments are done to endorse the business. Just move out of your comfort zone and push yourself to do things little ‘out of the box’ than your rivals and just see the magic yourself necessarily you do not compromise with the quality of your products or services.


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